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Training & Consulting

Pre-Implementation Planning

Planning your transition to ComputerEase is similar to preparing for a new construction project. As the project leader, your Certified ComputerEase Instructor works with your staff at the pre-implementation stage to determine the best strategy for your company’s successful implementation.

We identify each person’s role in the implementation, what specific training will be required, and what resources are required, then work with you to mutually develop a schedule. Whether you elect to use online or onsite services, our team of professionals has the skills and experience needed to give you a rapid, easy, and successful transition to ComputerEase.

Going Live

Just like when a contractor is ready to begin work on a job, your ComputerEase pre-implementation planning can now take action. Each person on your staff knows their role and what to expect. Your ComputerEase Instructor begins training your people and implementing the software to optimize results within your organization.

At your "Go Live" stage, your ComputerEase Instructor has your team fully prepared and guides them through every step to assure an easy "Go Live" transition. Once live, your new ComputerEase Software will continue to deliver the outstanding results you need to maximize your profitability and operating efficiencies.