Tool & Equipment Tracking Software for Contractors | ComputerEase

Tool & Equipment Tracking

Internal Rentals

ComputerEase allows you to rent your equipment and tools to your own jobs as well as to other contractors. This allows you to turn your fleet of equipment and tools into a true profit center and makes sure that your jobs are realizing their true cost.

Red Flag Alerts

ComputerEase allows you to tie supplies in your inventory to your rental equipment. When a customer rents an item, you will receive a red flag alert prompting you to ask if they would also like to purchase related supplies. For example, if a customer rents a drill, you might set the system up to remind you to ask if they would like to purchase drill bits as well. These reminders will help you improve your sales efforts and increase your income. ComputerEase also checks your inventory for the item you are renting to confirm that you have the sufficient stock when you enter the item into the rental ticket. If the item is unavailable, or if there aren’t enough, ComputerEase will alert you automatically.

Equipment Exchanges

Any rental item may be exchanged at any time on a rental order for another item of the same price class, and the customer’s billing will not be interrupted. ComputerEase tracks all rental exchanges, which allows you to track the overall performance of each piece of your equipment.

Status and Location Tracking

Use the Rental Item Inquiry to get an instant snapshot of the status and location of your inventory of a particular item. This report will show you how many of the item you have, how many are rented out, how many are available, and where the available ones can be found.

Flexibility of Billing

ComputerEase allows you a great deal of flexibility in both the pricing and billing of your rental equipment:

  • Set prices for individual pieces of equipment, or set up a pricing matrix for groups of similar items
  • Set flat pricing and lump sum pricing as desired
  • Include miscellaneous charges, delivery, and pick up fees, labor costs, rentals converted to sales, and “buy outs” of lost items easily on the rental invoice
  • ComputerEase automatically calculates the cost of any lost items for you
  • Set rental rates for a variety of time periods: daily, weekly, monthly, or any other time period you choose
  • Override any pre-set pricing at rental entry or billing
  • Include charges for sales of related supplies with rentals
  • Customer billings are easy to read and understand