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Subcontract Construction Software

The Subcontract Module lets you keep track of subcontractor information, including their contracts, invoices, payments, retention, and change orders. It also gives you the ability to generate and manage your own subcontract agreements.

Red Flag Alerts

Enter a new invoice or issue a new subcontractor agreement and ComputerEase will automatically check your records to verify the subcontractor's Workers Compensation insurance or general liability insurance is current. If this information is missing or records indicate the insurance may be expired, an automatic Red Flag Alert appears. This allows you to generate letters from a template requesting updated insurance information.

Managing Retainage

When you award a job to a subcontractor, ComputerEase can automatically generate a complete subcontractor agreement that includes the amount of retainage for the job. When an invoice is generated and tied to a subcontract agreement, ComputerEase automatically deducts and accounts for the retainage. You can easily see how much retainage is being withheld either for all subcontractors, a specific contractor, or even a specific job.

By tracking retainage accurately throughout the system, ComputerEase helps you ensure that you follow the best contractor accounting practices and your job accounting is accurate.