Construction Software by ComputerEase - Project Management - Purchasing Control

Purchasing Control for Contractors

An efficient purchasing control system is an easy way to keep costs under control. ComputerEase provides you with the tools you need to take control of your spending. If you require purchase orders to be created and approved prior to ordering, you can prevent unnecessary spending and keep job costs accurate and traceable.

Integration with Job Costing

When you enter a new purchase order, a copy is automatically posted to job costing. This tight integration between modules keeps data accurate throughout the system and enables all staff members to work effectively as a team with up-to-date information. With committed costs represented in job costing data immediately, project managers can make informed decisions based on today's job information.

Automated Materials Lists

Ready to buy materials for a job? Simply pull a job's material list from the original estimate. Many options are available for when and how to create purchase orders from the list.

Options could include:

  • Order supplies incrementally as they are needed to improve cash flow
  • Pull from inventory to take advantage of on-hand supplies
  • Request quotes from vendors to find competitive prices
  • Use Best Price Shopping to find the best rates from known vendors
  • Create multiple POs for different vendors from one material list

Up-to-Date Status Reports

The status report highlights all unfulfilled or incomplete POs so that you can contact vendors and resolve delays. Use the status report to ensure that all necessary materials have arrived for a job before the crew is sent out to work.

Lot Price Purchase Orders

Lot price purchase orders can be very useful but are often difficult to track and manage. Determining whether all itemized supplies in the lot price purchase order have arrived or reconciling associated invoices to the total original purchase order amount can be time consuming and costly.

ComputerEase makes tracking lot price purchase orders easy. As each shipment of supplies is delivered and checked, the invoiced amount is entered against the original PO. Once all the materials have been delivered, ComputerEase will automatically list all invoices applied to the PO, give a running total for all of them, and compare that total to the original PO amount. If the total amount charged exceeds the PO you can contact the vendor, show all the invoices, and get them to reconcile the total to the original PO prior to paying the final invoice.

Best Price Shopping

You can use ComputerEase's Best Price Shopping feature to track pricing for each item on a material list between multiple vendors. This makes selecting vendors based on the best price for a particular item easy. Once vendors are selected for each item, ComputerEase will automatically generate POs. This tool helps ensure that you get the best price for each item in a fast, accurate, and easy way.