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Purchasing & Inventory Construction Software

Think You Don't Need Inventory Management?

Think again.

Even if you don’t consider it inventory, most contractors have a warehouse or yard with excess supplies that have been returned from completed jobs. These supplies have value that could add to your bottom line if you manage them properly. That’s where the ComputerEase Purchasing & Inventory module comes in.

ComputerEase Purchasing & Inventory lets you keep a list of your supplies so they can be properly allocated. It can also catalogue and track real inventory. Developing a real inventory of supplies can be a great cost saving measure when you purchase in bulk to take advantage of scale pricing.

Tight Integration Saves You Money

Quality, excess supplies that have been returned from completed jobs have already been paid for. Using these supplies on a new job is a no-brainer. Why buy new materials when you could use what you already have and save money? To take full advantage of this discount, you need to make sure you always know what supplies you have on hand.

The ComputerEase Purchasing & Inventory module is a tight integration of inventory control and purchasing. When you are ready to buy out a job, simply pull any materials on the list into the job from your inventory. The ComputerEase inventory file is instantly updated and automatically manages the inventory levels.

Integration with Inventory Transfer App

Inventory Control App

With the Inventory Transfer App from ComputerEase, managing your inventory has never been easier. With all your important supplies tagged and tracked with a simple scan by your mobile device, you'll always be in the loop. Check out the app to find out more about how ComputerEase can turn your iPod, iPhone, Android or Windows phone into a fully-integrated inventory tracking system.

Whatever your inventory needs may be, ComputerEase has a solution that can work for your company.