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Fleet & Asset Management

Equipment Management is an area where money can unwittingly be lost. Specialized equipment may be purchased to perform particular work on a job, but accurately charging a job and determining a fair rate for operating the equipment is tricky. Do you make money on your equipment? Break even? Lose money? Sometimes it can feel like a guessing game with little real data to help you make your rate decisions and equipment management fees.

Equipment is your most expensive asset. Tracking equipment costs beyond initial purchase price, such as costs-to-own and costs-to-operate, is vital to effective equipment management. How do you know that the costs being charged to a job accurately reflect all other factors such as fuel costs and how heavily the equipment is being used?

ComputerEase's Fleet & Assets module provides you with a gold mine of information about your equipment and your company vehicles. Effective fleet & asset tracking helps you determine the real cost of ownership and operation for each piece in your fleet or tool cabinet. Charging accurate rates allows you to earn money on your equipment where you would lose money before.

ComputerEase also lets you set up preventative maintenance schedules and track service histories. Tool and Equipment Tracking makes sure you never lose track of any piece of equipment.