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Subcontract Bid Day

The bidding process on a job often involves subcontracting parts of the project. It can be hectic getting bids from many different subcontractors, determining what the best pricing is, putting all the proper documentation together, and getting your bid submitted on time. Timing is often tight. You may struggle to get all the appropriate bids in from your subs with enough time to put your own numbers together. Managing bids manually with all this data while juggling multiple bids at once often creates a stressful situation.

The ComputerEase Subcontract Bid Day module solves this issue.

Bid Day helps by

  • Tracking all requests for bids sent to vendors
  • Monitoring all responses received from vendors
  • Highlighting the lowest bid received
  • Comparing all bids received to your own cost estimates
  • Ensuring deadlines are met with the bid management schedule
  • Making it easy to award bids to vendors
  • Generating subcontractor agreements directly from bid management

While ComputerEase cannot guarantee that the bidding process will be completely stress-free, the bid management feature allows you to focus on putting your bids together in an orderly, timely manner.