FieldEase Timesheets

Recording payroll time from the field is completely paperless and automated in FieldEase. You can use virtually any web-enabled device to record who worked on what job and what specific tasks they performed. FieldEase transmits this data back to your home office. It even records absences and equipment usage information.

No more redundant paperwork or duplicate entries of time between the field and the office. Payroll can be done in half the time and data entry mistakes in the office are virtually eliminated. You can use iPads, iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, Tablets, Notebooks, Laptops and more to capture critical time from the field. That means you don’t need to purchase new hardware to go live with FieldEase.

FieldEase uses the powerful ComputerEase SAS 70 Type II Cloud Data Center to extend the reach of your existing technology to the job site or to anywhere in the world.

By capturing payroll time in the field right away, managers can see their running labor costs even before payroll has been processed. This allows you to see potential cost overruns and stop them before they happen.

Any device, anytime, anywhere.