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Pipeline Contractor Software

Pipeline Contractor Software

Pipeline contractors' software needs are unique due to their specialized equipment and the prevalence of multi-state and multi-local payroll jobs. ComputerEase Software for pipeline contractors meets all of these needs and more. Our system gives you all the job costing, payroll and billing features you could ask for. Our popular equipment costing features give you the ability to track location and costs on every car, truck or piece of equipment in your fleet.

Our Job Costing system for pipeline contractors also allows for unit costing, an easy way to track the most important metric for judging your job performance. Our flexible billing options include the framework you need for AIA billing, unit billing or any other method you might use.

Need to pay prevailing wage in a certain jurisdiction? Build this into each job's payroll center in the beginning so that employees' wages are automatically adjusted to meet the prevailing wage rate when their hours are logged.

Of course, that's not all! ComputerEase offers a wide variety of advantages for pipeline contractors, including:

  • Fleet Management to track your equipment and company trucks, vans and cars
  • Powerful Field-to-Office features such as daily logs, timesheets and more!
  • Flexible Billing options like AIA Billing, Unit Billing and more!
  • Document Control (Change Orders, Invoices, etc.)
  • Superior job costing to ensure you profit on every job
  • Much More!

Computerease proudly strives to meet the needs of contractors of every size and industry. Request more info in the sidebar today to find out how our heavy/highway contractor software can address your company's unique needs!