Construction Software by ComputerEase - Accounting / Project Management - Billing


In the construction industry, there are many different methods for billing clients. Billing methods may vary based on the unique conditions of the job. Large projects may require AIA billing. Smaller ones may be on a time and materials format. Other jobs are best handled on a per-unit basis. Standard accounting systems are not designed to provide the flexibility that is often necessary in construction industry billing.

ComputerEase is built from the ground up, specifically tailored to the real world experiences and needs of contractors.

ComputerEase's billing system allows you to select the billing format that is most appropriate for each particular project and gives you the ability to instantly compare each job's billings to job costs.

Billing Formats:

  • AIA/Progress Billing
  • Unit Billing
  • Time and Materials/Freeform Billing

The flexibility of ComputerEase enables your accounting staff to work much more efficiently and easily produce better invoices. This saves you time, effort, and money!

ComputerEase can also generate "drafting pencil" copies of invoices to send for pre-approval, and then generate a formal invoice for AIA, time and materials, or unit billing.