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Construction Accounts Payable Software

Construction Accounts Payable Software

With the Accounts Payable module in ComputerEase, your A/P department becomes a well-oiled machine that gives you complete visibility.

When you get an invoice from a subcontractor or supplier, you can easily attach it to a job in ComputerEase. From there, it can be instantly and automatically routed to the project manager, owner or other appropriate parties for approval. No more time wasted tracking down the invoice – or the manager. No more invoices getting buried on someone’s desk and falling through the cracks. No more unexpected costs after the job has been completed.

Every invoice is automatically applied to the right job, giving you a comprehensive, accurate picture of where you stand on your budget. Every invoice is also tracked by the system so that no duplicate invoices can be created. And every invoice can be tied to purchase orders or subcontracts, preventing any overbillings.

That’s not all. ComputerEase can handle all of your complex Accounts Payable needs, including:

  • Lien Waivers
  • Two-Party Checks
  • Retainage
  • Fraud Prevention through Positive Pay Reports
  • Much More!

You can also ensure that you always take advantage of vendor discounts, saving you money every time.

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