ComputerEase Construction Strategic Partners

ComputerEase Strategic Partners


AvidXchange Payment Automation

AvidXchange revolutionizes the way companies pay their bills by streamlining the entire vendor payment process. With AvidXchange, you can pay your vendors electronically while maintaining all of your banking relationships and current payment approval workflows.

CE Payroll Service

CE Payroll Service

CE Payroll Service Simplifies the Payroll Process for your construction business. At CE Payroll the construction sector is our only area of focus, enabling us to provide our clients with expert knowledge and service. Whether you currently pay fees to an outside service that fails to meet all of your needs, or you use your own accounting staff, CE Payroll Service offers a time and money-saving alternative that puts payroll in expert hands.

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Comdata is a proven leader in corporate payments for a wide range of industries and some of the nation's most-recognized brand names. Their solutions touch financial transactions of all kinds and are changing the way companies manage data, pay employees, process transactions and control spending on key business purchases. Comdata solutions help you save money, grow your revenue, streamline operations and minimize financial risks.

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ComputerEase Forms Division

The ComputerEase forms and supplies program offers you the ability to place your order for printed forms, checks, and tax forms online, and charge them on your credit card. The online order program is designed as a step-by-step process for placing orders.

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The experts at Infintech have partnered with ComputerEase to offer our customers a turn-key solution for accepting electronic payments. They will work with each customer to ensure that they receive the lowest possible rates available from the major credit card companies and offer simple and easy set-up. Infintech aims to help demystify credit card acceptance by educating businesses on payment methods, costs and security.

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MobileTek Consulting specializes in the implementation and resale of rugged mobile devices. With numerous ComputerEase customers working on jobsites, MobileTek offers military grade tablets, laptops, and convertibles that can withstand the harsh conditions out in the field while integrating with ComputerEase.

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PrintBoss provides affordable check printing solutions tailored specifically for ComputerEase customers. The seamless integration between PrintBoss and ComputerEase allows users to print checks from multiple bank accounts to one check stock.

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ProEst Estimating

Since April of 2000, ProEst and ComputerEase have worked together to optimize the integration of their solutions. As a result, a single click in ProEst instantly sets up a job in ComputerEase - complete with phases, categories, cost types, and labor hours. At the same time, the duration field is populated so you can easily create the job schedule. Visit to for more information.

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Zimcom Internet Solutions

Zimcom advances you and your organization to the next level with leading-edge Internet solutions and trusted service that’s beyond compare.