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TP Mechanical Uses ComputerEase to Improve Construction Management and Cut Costs by $80K to $100K a Year

When TP Mechanical Contractors (TPMC) reorganized in 2003 after a short-lived merger, the company’s new leaders faced several technology-related business challenges. Separate systems for everything from accounting and service management to time collection, scheduling and tool tracking meant that hours of time were wasted on duplicate data entry and manual data transfers. In addition, TPMC was frustrated by the expensive, poor-quality support they received from their accounting software vendor.

Over time, an increasingly competitive market drove TPMC to look for ways to improve efficiency and reduce overhead. By 2008, the company knew it was time to implement a new construction management system. After evaluating several products, TPMC chose ComputerEase accounting and project management software, along with FieldEase for remote field-to-office communication. "For every one of our challenges," states TPMC Project Scheduling Coordinator, Scott Teepe, Jr., "ComputerEase had an easy answer."

Today, TPMC uses ComputerEase to manage their entire business. By eliminating manual, paper-based processes and redundant data entry, the company has increased efficiency, cut costs and improved customer service. "It’s safe to say that ComputerEase saves us $80K to $100K a year," Teepe states, who attributes much of the savings to the FieldEase applications. "FieldEase has allowed us to eliminate a payroll position and a service department administration assistant."

FieldEase Electronic Timesheets

With FieldEase Electronic Timesheets, employee time is entered in the field and electronically transferred to ComputerEase. "Before," Teepe explains, "our accounting manager spent two days a week reviewing paper timesheets and correcting errors before processing payroll. Another payroll person had to manually enter timesheets into our accounting system." Now, everyone in the company logs time electronically, which has lifted a heavy burden off the accounting department. After quickly reviewing submitted timesheets, the accounting manager corrects exceptions flagged by ComputerEase. Manual entry of employee time has been eliminated.

FieldEase Work Orders

Similar improvements have been seen in TPMC’s service department, where electronic Work Orders have replaced paper. "Our service department used to have paper everything," Teepe says, "Now, work orders are sent electronically to technicians, who access them using tablet PCs." With a stylus, technicians easily complete forms and maintenance checklists and capture the customer’s approval signature before electronically transferring the completed work orders back to ComputerEase.

"FieldEase has improved service efficiency and scheduling because technicians aren’t wasting time stopping by the office for paperwork," Teepe explains. "It has also improved customer service by reducing the number of calls going to voicemail. Instead of running around making photocopies and shuffling paper, the service processor is at her desk answering the phone."

A Powerful, Affordable and Easy-to-Use Solution

The integrated ComputerEase accounting, job costing, tool tracking and scheduling capabilities have improved overall construction management at TPMC. "ComputerEase gives us accurate data, which is a big deal because our margins are so low," Teepe explains. "This helps us understand what types of work are most profitable and where we need to improve performance. ComputerEase gives us the power and ability to make more money in this market because we understand our costs."

While TPMC generates $50M - $100M a year in annual revenues, Teepe touts the benefits of ComputerEase for companies of all sizes. "ComputerEase is a tremendous value, especially for smaller contractors who need to establish solid accounting principles or multi-company organizations that need to consolidate their numbers," he states. "We looked at a lot of different software packages. ComputerEase was the more affordable choice, and it was easier to use than competing products. Their customer service is great, too!"

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