New Marketing Hire

ComputerEase Welcomes New Marketing Associate

New marketing associate will improve ads and company presence

CINCINNATI, Ohio, October 3rd, 2011: ComputerEase Software, Inc., a leading provider of construction accounting, project management and remote field-to-office software, today announced that it has welcomed a new employee to the company.

Zach Moning has been hired as a marketing associate at ComputerEase. He will be a driving creative force, raising awareness of the company through graphic design and copy-writing. A native Cincinnatian who spent time living in New York, he says of the company, “It is clear that ComputerEase fully believes in what they produce, which is refreshing in a climate where most companies seem to focus more on quantity than quality.”

The new hire is expected to boost ComputerEase’s presence and visibility through innovative new ad campaigns and company literature. The hire is also indicative of the company’s success and growth, despite the economic downturn. The result, and ComputerEase’s constant goal, will be to provide even more contractors with a quality product that makes their lives and jobs easier.

About ComputerEase
Founded in 1983, ComputerEase develops integrated construction accounting and project management software that helps contractors solve problems and increase profits. The scalable, modular structure of ComputerEase makes it the ideal fit for companies of all sizes and specialties. In addition to accounting and job costing, ComputerEase offers robust equipment, purchasing, service and electronic document management solutions. ComputerEase takes great pride in providing a matchless level of customer support. To accomplish this, the company has put industry professionals in key positions: 100% of the ComputerEase support, training and implementation staff has construction experience. More than 6,000 contractors across the U.S. use ComputerEase to streamline their operations and increase profits.

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