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Mobile Technology & Construction Software

John Meibers, President, ComputerEase

How do new technologies such as mobile computing impact a contractor's bottom line and ability to compete for projects?

When evaluating technology based on its ability to improve your bottom line, saving time, saving money and improving the accuracy of information are critical. Mobile computing technologies are gaining momentum as the next generation of must-have construction management tools because streamlining field-to-office communications provides a multitude of benefits. Electronic timesheet entry is a great example. This type of mobile computing application is relatively inexpensive and simple to deploy – important factors when calculating return-on-investment.

Electronic timesheets eliminate the need to manually enter hours in the accounting system, which streamlines the payroll process. And, by collecting employee hours on a daily basis, not only will job costs be more up-to-date, but timesheet errors will be radically reduced, which can save thousands of dollars a year in payroll overpayments. When you add the cost-savings of electronic timesheets to the workflow efficiencies gained by eliminating paper and duplicate data entry, and the importance of having more accurate job costs, the value of this type of mobile computing technology becomes measurable.

To stay competitive in the current market, contractors must continually look for better ways to manage their time, and how they collect and process information. As this example illustrates, mobile computing technology that automates field data collection, eliminates expensive errors and improves information delivery will lower the cost to complete a project and ultimately improve your bottom line.