FieldEase iSeries

ComputerEase Construction Software
Adds New Browser-Based Solutions

For nearly 30 years, ComputerEase has been developing cutting edge, integrated construction accounting and project management software. The company was one of the first construction software developers to incorporate Windows and features like executive dashboard reporting for at-a-glance decision making.

Now, ComputerEase is one of the first technology providers to offer hosted, browser-based construction management software.

Cloud computing has been around for many years but has only recently arrived on the construction scene. The growing demand for cloud computing applications in the construction market is being spurred in large part by the need to increase efficiencies and lower overhead costs.

With cloud computing, applications are hosted at a secure datacenter and accessed by the end user via a Web browser. Recognizing the value of on-demand construction management, ComputerEase has added new browserbased solutions to its product lineup. ComputerEase Cloud—Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime ComputerEase Cloud is the company’s Web-based construction accounting, project management and service management software solution. With ComputerEase Cloud, companies enjoy the benefits of a hosted solution and have secure access to ComputerEase from any computer with an Internet connection and from Web-enabled mobile devices like the Apple iPad, iPhone, Android devices and many others.

New FieldEase i Series

With the FieldEase i Series, entering payroll timesheets, creating daily job logs and generating documents like submittals, transmittals and requestsfor- information (RFIs) has never been easier. The i Series combines the power of FieldEase with the convenience of the Internet to deliver anyone, anywhere at anytime access to critical functions. Enter employee hours from the iPhone, log project notes using a tablet PC , or generate an RFI from any device with an Internet connection.

Browser-Based Benefits

ComputerEase Cloud and the FieldEase i Series applications deliver many benefits, including:

  • Lower IT costs–Since these products are deployed via the Web, there is nothing to install or maintain, and software updates happen automatically. This eliminates the need for in-house hardware infrastructure and IT staff and gets the system up and running fast.
  • Lower up-front costs–Instead of purchasing software, ComputerEase Cloud and FieldEase i Series users pay a monthly subscription rate that includes software access, hosting, support and maintenance. This delivers a predictable monthly expenditure that improves budget management
  • Greater mobility–For construction companies with multiple offices or jobsites, the ComputerEase cloudbased applications offer Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime accessibility on a variety of platforms, including Mac computers, iPhone and Android mobile phones and tablet devices.
  • Strong security–Construction companies that choose a ComputerEase browser-based product can rest assured that their data is safe. Hosting is provided in a secure, climate-controlled, SAS70 Type II -certified datacenter with redundant power systems, advanced fire alarm and VESDA systems, 24 x 7 x 365 network monitoring and daily backups.
  • Convenience and Flexibility

    With these new cutting-edge products, ComputerEase can offer their customers greater options for entering, accessing and managing their accounting and project information. Contractors can choose the self-hosted, networked version of ComputerEase and FieldEase; the convenience of the hosted, cloud-based ComputerEase solution or the flexibility of a hybrid system that combines the self-hosted version of ComputerEase with the FieldEase i Series applications. To discover why 6,000 construction companies use ComputerEase, and find out how the company’s Cloud-based construction management applications can benefit your organization, visit our website.