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ComputerEase Solves Problems and Increases Profit


ComputerEase, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Bob Mattlin, a certified public accountant (CPA ) and technology entrepreneur who grew up in the contracting trade: his family owned and operated a thriving construction business. When his family struggled to find a construction-specific accounting program that was also user-friendly, Mattlin used his industry expertise, CPA background, and previous software development experience to create ComputerEase, a powerful construction software program that was extremely easy to use.

Under Mattlin's leadership, ComputerEase flourished. The company quickly built a local and national customer base by continually enhancing its products to keep pace with the changing construction market. Today, more than 6,000 contractors across the U.S. use ComputerEase to streamline their operations and increase profits.


For over 25 years, ComputerEase has developed integrated construction accounting and project management software that is on the cutting edge of innovation. The company was one of the first construction software developers to incorporate features like drill down functionality to view progressively detailed information and executive dashboard reporting for at-a-glance decision making.

ComputerEase stays on the forefront of product development by striving to understand how enhancements will benefit its users. In fact, ComputerEase never incorporates new technology into its products unless it meets two important criteria: it must 1) solve a problem and 2) be easy to use. "When we release a new product or feature," explains ComputerEase president, John Meibers, "our clients understand that it's not just a cool toy or gadget, but a real innovation that will help their businesses become more efficient and profitable."

This balanced development approach can be seen in the paperless invoice routing and approval capabilities within the ComputerEase Electronic Document Processing solution, and also within the company's FieldEase products for the tablet PC, which give contractors the ability to turn paper-based field processes into paperless transactions.

The scalable, modular structure of ComputerEase makes it the ideal fit for construction companies of all sizes and specialties. For large contractors with complex projects, the full power of ComputerEase can be harnessed to improve every aspect of their office and field operations. Smaller companies can begin with the accounting basics and add functionality over time.


At ComputerEase, the client always comes first. "We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to provide a matchless level of customer support," Meibers says, "whether that means enhancing a solution based on user feedback or escalating a support issue to the top of the management chain."

Meibers, who was a ComputerEase client for 10 years before joining the company in 1997, attributes this accomplishment to the company's tradition of putting industry professionals in key positions—currently, 100 percent of the ComputerEase support, training, and implementation staff has construction experience.

"I don’t believe you can truly help a contractor until you've walked in their shoes," Meibers explains. "Understanding the chaos of bid day and the importance of getting payroll out the door, and being familiar with terms like Certified Payroll and AIA billings, are invaluable when you're walking a client through a software implementation or support issue."

Although ComputerEase performs direct sales and support from its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company also works with a small, highly-trained network of dealers that provide clients with local consulting and support services if desired. Dealers are hand-picked for their construction industry expertise and offer the unique advantage of being on the ground, in the field, and close to the software users.


Understanding each client's unique business needs is an important first step in the ComputerEase implementation process. "We don’t want you to change your business to fit our software," Meibers says. "Instead, we want to show you how to use our software to support and improve your specific operations." The ComputerEase implementation team guides new clients through the installation, conversion, and training process. A pre-implementation planning session lays the groundwork for success by outlining a schedule and strategy based on the client's goals. At each step, ComputerEase works hard to keep the project on time and on budget.

When the initial implementation is complete, responsive follow-up helps the client build on their original objectives to achieve even greater productivity gains. "We're very conscious of the financial investment a company makes in our system," Meibers explains, "and we do everything in our power to deliver a rapid return on that investment."


There are many quality construction accounting systems on the market today, but three key differentiators catapult ComputerEase to the top of the list. "Our innovative and user-friendly product development set us apart from the competition," Meibers concludes. "But when you factor in our outstanding people and proven implementation process, ComputerEase becomes second to none."

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