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ComputerEase Partners with Piracle, Inc.

Piracle's Create-A-Check and RapidREMIT eXPRESS solutions will help ComputerEase users streamline their operations and improve cash flow.

CINCINNATI, Ohio, May 12, 2010: ComputerEase Software, Inc., a leading provider of construction accounting, project management and remote field-to-office software, today announced that it has partnered with Piracle, Inc., to provide its customers with secure payment solutions. The partnership has made Piracle's Create-A-Check and RapidREMIT eXPRESS systems the endorsed and authorized secure payment processing platforms for the ComputerEase construction software solution.

Create-A-Check is an easy-to-use solution that works in conjunction with ComputerEase to allow users to create and print MICR encoded documents like checks using blank check stock. The Create-A-Check program will also allow ComputerEase users to generate electronic files for transactions such as positive pay, direct deposit, vendor payments and IRS forms.

RapidREMIT eXPRESS is a secure, online payment processing solution that integrates with the ComputerEase Accounts Receivable module and allows users to process check and credit card payments electronically. The RapidREMIT eXPRESS system streamlines payment processing and accelerates clearing, which improves a contractor's cash flow.

"We're excited to introduce our products to the ComputerEase user base through this partnership. Teaming with ComputerEase allows us to provide simple solutions to common construction management challenges while strengthening the strategic reach of our secure payment processing solutions," said Piracle CEO John Bechard.

"By adding Piracle to our growing list of technology partners, ComputerEase users have access to additional industry-leading tools that streamline their accounting operations," said ComputerEase President John Meibers. "Piracle has nearly 20 years of experience in the secure payment processing industry and will undoubtedly add value to our clients' operations."

ComputerEase users who are interested in learning more about the benefits of using the Piracle products with their ComputerEase construction software can contact Jack Ballman at

About ComputerEase

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About Piracle

Since 1991, Piracle has strived to combine security, dependability, and sustainability with our line of "Total Solution" payment management products. The creator of the popular Create-A-Check and PAYCENTREX systems, and RapidREMIT eXPRESS, Piracle is one of the world's leading providers of secure payment solutions.