Executive Insights for Service Contractors

Executive Insights for Service Contractors

How Are Service Contractors Using Mobile Technology to Improve Field Operations?

Today’s service contractors have almost reached the point where they don’t know how they ever functioned without mobile technology. Field operations have never been smoother or easier to maintain. As new technology continues on the trend of increased mobility, contractors have a lot to look forward to.

Connectivity often is touted as the central theme of mobile technology. Prevailing wisdom says everything should be connected at all times. That’s true to an extent, but there are times when connectivity is not possible, especially in the construction industry. For that reason, forwarded-thinking software companies develop mobile solutions that allow contractors to complete work online or offline.

New advances in software technology mean service technicians have real-time access to information about customer and site history. It also helps with inventory, determining what's on hand, at another site or in the warehouse. Meanwhile dispatchers in the office can see real-time status updates on their technicians, ensuring the dispatch board is always accurate.

With the advent of the cloud and cloud-like technology, cross-platform capabilities are becoming less burdensome. With applications that work within a web browser, service contractors don't need to worry about whether the device they use will run their software, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone.