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ComputerEase Chooses Comdata as its Preferred Payment Solution Provider

Comdata’s universally accepted MasterCard payment program will help ComputerEase users control costs and increase accounting efficiency.

CINCINNATI, Ohio, March 15, 2010: ComputerEase Software, Inc., a leading provider of construction accounting, project management and remote field-to-office software, today announced that it has chosen Comdata Corporation as its preferred payment solution provider. As a result, Comdata will make its MasterCard Program for Construction available to ComputerEase clients. The Comdata Program helps contractors manage spending and streamline accounts payable by combining purchasing activity across all spending categories or projects.

ComputerEase clients that take advantage of the Comdata MasterCard Program for Contractors can issue universally accepted and branded payment cards to select employees to consolidate and track the purchase of everything from fuel and vehicle maintenance to material purchases and office supplies. The cards can even be used for business travel and entertainment purposes. Benefits of the Program include:

  • The ability to set custom spending limits and criteria on a per-card basis
  • Real-time visibility of transaction history
  • Online account management, with comprehensive business analytics
  • Integration with the ComputerEase accounting system
  • In addition, Comdata offers a variety of incentive programs, such as discounted fuel at over 30,000 locations and a vendor payments rebate program. In the current economy, these cash-back programs can add up quickly to produce a positive impact on a contractor’s cash flow. “By partnering with ComputerEase, Comdata can offer their clients an industry standard solution for controlling costs,” said Eric Newton, Vice President – Construction, for Comdata. “The integration between Comdata and ComputerEase will enable our mutual customers to process payments more effectively, which can have a direct impact on their bottom line.”

    “ComputerEase is always looking to partner with industry leading companies that add value to our clients’ operations,” said John Meibers, President of ComputerEase. “Comdata provides tools that are uniquely geared to the construction industry, and the improved visibility offered by their payment cards will provide our clients with the critical spending insight needed to control costs and improve efficiency.”

    ComputerEase clients who are interested in learning more about the Comdata MasterCard Program for Construction should contact Jack Ballman by phone at 800-544-2530 or by e-mail at

    About ComputerEase

    Founded in 1983, ComputerEase develops integrated construction accounting and project management software that helps contractors solve problems and increase profits. The scalable, modular structure of ComputerEase makes it the ideal fit for companies of all sizes and specialties. In addition to accounting and job costing, ComputerEase offers robust equipment, purchasing, service and electronic document management solutions. ComputerEase takes great pride in providing a matchless level of customer support. To accomplish this, the company has put industry professionals in key positions: 100% of the ComputerEase support, training and implementation staff has construction experience. More than 6,000 contractors across the U.S. use ComputerEase to streamline their operations and increase profits. For more information, contact Jack Ballman, Director of Marketing, ComputerEase Software, Inc., 800-544-2530,,

    About Comdata Corporation

    Comdata Corporation is a leading business-to-business provider of innovative electronic payment solutions. As an issuer and a processor, the company enables millions of fleet card, credit card, pay card and virtual card transactions annually. With state-of-the-art technology and redundancy, Comdata captures and reports detailed transaction data, empowering its customers to analyze their spending patterns in order to gain unprecedented control of their expenses. Other Comdata solutions include truck stop point-of-sale (POS) systems, regulatory compliance programs, and receivables financing options. Comdata provides solutions to six primary industries: fleet, retail, government, aviation, construction and restaurant/hospitality. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee with more than 1,100 employees in the United States and Canada, Comdata is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ceridian Corporation.

    About Ceridian

    Ceridian is a global business services organization that offers a comprehensive range of innovative solutions. From human resources and benefits to accredited employee assistance, work-life and health and productivity services, Ceridian helps organizations maximize their human, financial and technology resources. As a leader in payroll outsourcing, gift cards and controlled spending, Ceridian is also a driving force in payment innovation. Whether partnering to improve employee productivity, save money or minimize financial risks, Ceridian's business is to help organizations stay focused on their business.