2015 Hot Products

2015 Hot Products

New Custom Work Flow Menus in ComputerEase v11

2015 Hot Products

Brand New Release from ComputerEase planned for 2015

A new facelift for ComputerEase Construction Software is coming in 2015, based on a newly engineered work flow engine. This new Graphical User Interface cuts processing time in half. "We are very excited about this new release," says John Meibers, President of ComputerEase. "We've implemented some fresh new ideas to make ComputerEase v11 our most ambitious version yet."

The new workflow engine allows users to model and build their own processes right on the customized menu system. For example, a Project Manager can simply follow the icons on the menu system to prepare a change order. Meibers continues, "Thanks to the fast pace of the software industry, one of the recent requests we've seen from customers is for a sleek, modern design that's intuitive and easy to navigate. We made that our top priority this time around."

Since Beauty is only skin deep, the software engineers at ComputerEase have also added important new features to the new design. "One of the best new features is the ability to build your own custom Work Flow," continues Meibers. "That means that now, more than ever, ComputerEase can be your company's software. v11 works the way your company works."

More Help for Project Managers in the Field

The brand new redesign is not the only new feature in ComputerEase v11. This new version will also come with one of the biggest expansions to FieldEase, the popular Field-to-Office solution from ComputerEase, since it was first released. "We've been very focused on improving the mobility of our users, because mobile access is one of the most important features of any construction software," Meibers notes. "That's the nature of this industry."

To that end, ComputerEase v11 will boast a new and improved Crew Entry feature with field access, the ability to create work orders on the spot and custom documents and templates from anywhere. "These are only a few of the many, many new field-to-office features you can expect," Meibers promises. "This is going to go down in our company history as one of the most powerful and important releases we've ever done."

ComputerEase expects to release v11 early in the First Quarter of 2015.

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