2014 Hot Products

2014 Hot Products

ComputerEase Introduces New CRM Module

2014 Hot Products

ComputerEase CRM Aims to Bring Users More Contracts

As the Construction industry becomes more complex and competitive, contractors are finding it's more important than ever to act as salesmen for their services.

ComputerEase Software is responding to this need with a new module for their business management software: a fully-integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CRM systems have long since replaced stacks of business cards and saved correspondence as the preferred method of staying in touch and managing the sales pipeline. As this technology has evolved, the same CRM solutions are now available to contractors.

"In the past, the process of securing new jobs was relatively straightforward,” says John Meibers, president of ComputerEase. "The contractors submitted a bid for the job, and the contract was typically awarded to the lowest bidder. That’s all changed now. To compete for jobs in today's market, contractors need to learn a better way to win new projects."

Tracking Jobs and Contacts

This module is a fully-integrated CRM system that allows you to track, manage and nurture prospects and customers in ComputerEase from the first time you contact them to when they accept your bid and beyond. “Since the CRM is a part of ComputerEase, all the data you need is already in the system and ready to go once your prospect becomes a customer,” Meibers notes.

From First Contact to Bidding and Beyond

Here’s how the ComputerEase CRM System works: When the contractor first makes contact with a prospect, their information is entered into the CRM module along with information about the job. The contractor can then use the CRM to send them emails, set up reminders, schedule periodic phone calls, and more. The ComputerEase CRM system ensures that the contractor remains front and center as a prime candidate for the job.

“Any salesman will agree that staying in front of prospects is one of the most important things you can do as a company. If prospects forget to consider your company's bid when it is time to make a decision, you’re not going to win a lot of jobs,” Meibers explains. “That’s why we developed this new CRM module. It ensures that ComputerEase users have all the tools they need to succeed.

Build Long Term Relationships

The ComputerEase CRM system also eliminates the double-entry problem with customers and prospects. “Once you enter a new contact into the ComputerEase CRM, everyone in your organization is on the same page,” Meibers explains. “Knowledge is power, especially when you’re in competition with other contractors in bidding on a job.”

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