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2013 Hot Products

ComputerEase Introduces New CE Live Module

2013 Hot Products

CE Live Adds New Technology and a New Dimension to Accounting and Project Management Systems

The future of field-to-office communication is real-time, live interaction. One of the technology solutions making this possible is the new CE Live by ComputerEase.

"CE Live is an exciting new module attached to the FieldEase iSeries that allows real-time interaction between ComputerEase and the FieldEase iSeries products says John Meibers, president. "New technology has made it possible to create a live connection between the office and the field that does not rely on manual operation from both sides."

True Real-Time Updating

This live connection allows field users to communicate with the ComputerEase system in real time. "Users can approve invoices, send and receive alerts and reminders, view job progress and other reports, fill out timesheets and more as if they were sitting at a desk in the office," notes Meibers. "No more requesting data and no more sharing information with outdated methods."

With CE Live, users can also monitor and track live status updates from service technicians in the field, along with continual, up-to-the-minute equipment and tool location information. "When a tech arrives at a service call, service managers instantly see their status change on the dispatch board," explains Meibers. "When a superintendent picks up a tool or piece of equipment from one job and takes it to another, office personnel see it happen live."

Live Reports and Alerts On Demand

In addition to the new communication features, CE Live is available 24/7 to perform a variety of functions without any human intervention. The system can run reports, issue alerts, generate scheduled notifications and more without any manual input.

Out With the Old Method

"Construction software packages today are usually fully-integrated systems that offer a remote application for working in the field," says Meibers. "Most remote applications rely on the 'push-pull' method of communication. For example, a project manager will enter a change order in the field and the data will be sent back to the home office to be entered or imported into the system. This method has certainly been more convenient than a lengthy phone call or a trip back to the office, but systems like CE Live are going to make it obsolete."

Your Own Private Cloud

CE Live works like a cloud application, but keeps data and primary software installation in-house. Users enjoy the security of keeping sensitive data off of the Internet and avoid the hassle of dealing with an external server. "CE Live represents the next major step for remote collaboration in the construction industry," says Meibers.