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2012 Hot Products

ComputerEase Introduces the FieldEase iSeries for Web-Based Project Management

New Solutions from ComputerEase Make it Fast and Easy to Enter Timesheets, Daily Job Logs and Production Data from the Field

In construction, money is made or lost in the field. Faster field-to-office communications usually translate into more profitable project management decisions. ComputerEase recently introduced a suite of Web-based solutions that simplify field-to-office communications. “The FieldEase iSeries puts an innovative spin on mobile computing by allowing project personnel to enter and access job information using any Internet-enabled device,” says John Meibers, President of ComputerEase. Authorized users can access or enter data using a smart phone, laptop, tablet PC or Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac computer.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

The FieldEase iSeries provides anytime, anywhere access to core ComputerEase project management tasks. Initial applications support Payroll functions like electronic timesheets and employee absence tracking. Project Management functions allow entering daily job logs and accessing daily field reports, and Job Cost functions provide for entry of field productivity data. Additional applications are in development, according to Meibers. “ComputerEase envisions an environment where the FieldEase iSeries is used to approve invoices, write purchase orders, manage and issue documents, and perform numerous other essential tasks.”

Delivering Speed and Productivity

The FieldEase iSeries allows busy project managers to be more productive by giving them greater flexibility to do their jobs -- from the office, on the jobsite, while traveling and even from home. Because data can be entered and accessed from any Web browser, the FieldEase iSeries delivers freedom, speed and productivity to a contractor's field force.

Quick to Deploy, Easy to Use

“Like all ComputerEase solutions, the FieldEase iSeries is easy to use and deploy,” notes Meibers. “There's nothing to install and setup is quick.” Simple drop-down menus speed data entry and the touch of a button transfers information to the main ComputerEase system where it can be reviewed by the home office. In minutes, daily time sheets, equipment and material usage, production quantities and job log entries can be entered, sent, reviewed and posted.

A Hot Field Solution for Everyone

Cloud computing is today’s hot technology trend, so ComputerEase offers a full-featured, subscription-based solution that operates in the cloud environment. “However, many construction companies aren’t willing to abandon their traditional server-installed software just yet,” Meibers points out. “That's why ComputerEase also offers a hot ‘hybrid’ solution. With the FieldEase iSeries, contractors can keep their core ComputerEase system installed at the office while still taking advantage of additional Web-based tools. This flexibility provides an innovative option for contractors who need faster field-to-office communications but aren't sold on moving everything to the cloud.”

About ComputerEase

For nearly 30 years, ComputerEase has developed integrated project management and construction accounting software that simplifies the business end of construction management. Cutting-edge technology, like the FieldEase iSeries, is why more than 6,000 contractors use ComputerEase to manage their day-to-day operations.