2009 Hot Products

2009 Hot Products

ComputerEase Enhances FieldEase with Paperless Invoice Processing to Eliminate End-of-Job Surprises

When ComputerEase Construction Software introduced FieldEase for the tablet PC in early 2008, contractors gained an easy-to-use mobile field solution that transformed paper-based processes into paperless transactions.

Entering information such as employee time and work order details in the field, and having that information automatically transfer into the company's ComputerEase accounting system at the home office, eliminated duplicate data entry and field-to-office communication issues.

Early adopters of FieldEase experienced dramatic increases in efficiency, more accurate job costing and better cash flow. And they couldn't wait for new tablet applications to be released. ComputerEase acted quickly to meet their clients' demand for more mobile computing options by building an entire suite of FieldEase solutions, including the popular Invoice Routing and Approval application.

Paperless Invoice Processing

With Invoice Routing and Approval, ComputerEase has added a user-friendly document management system to its FieldEase product line-up. Scanning paper invoices and distributing them electronically for approval provides numerous advantages over a paper-based system. Construction companies that use Invoice Routing and Approval report the ability to:

  • Save time by reviewing, annotating and approving invoices on-screen
  • Take greater advantage of vendor discounts by expediting invoice approval
  • Automate multi-person invoice approvals using customized routing rules
  • Increase individual accountability by monitoring approval performance
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced invoices –and surprises at the end of the job

Like Invoice Routing and Approval, every FieldEase application is designed to streamline field-to-office workflow:

Electronic Timesheets allow field supervisors to enter employee time on a daily basis, which automatically updates job costs in near real-time. Electronic Workorders allow contractors to dispatch calls, complete work orders and process invoices the same day, which increases efficiency and improves cash flow.

Electronic Purchase Orders allow field staff to create purchase orders (POs) on-the-fly and transfer them electronically to the supplier and home office.

Forms and Notes turn any paper form into an electronic document that can be completed using the tablet's handwriting recognition technology. Daily job logs, e-mail communications and in-field change orders are some examples.

"When we release a new product like FieldEase," states ComputerEase President, John Meibers, "our clients understand that it's not just a cool toy or gadget, but a real innovation that will help their businesses become more efficient and profitable. And, like the entire ComputerEase system, FieldEase is extremely easy to use."