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Time Tracking App

Log Your Hours From Anywhere!

In today's fast-paced construction industry, accurate time entry is critical to a contractor's success. That's why ComputerEase has developed a state-of-the-art Time Tracking App for iOS and Android devices.

The Time Tracking App integrates with the ComputerEase payroll system to make the time tracking process easier than ever. As soon as your workers arrive in the field, they can enter their time via their mobile device. This can be in the hands of the individual worker, the supervisor or the field manager depending on the way your company wants to handle the process.

Integration with ComputerEase means that information automatically flows to your payroll system, ensuring that you always have accurate timesheets in the office, the field or anywhere else your company does its work.

Implementing this new, state-of-the-art time tracking technology is an simple two-step process.

Step One: Get the App!

The Time Tracking App is available from the following sources:

Google Play Store App Store

Step Two: Integration with ComputerEase!

After you have the app, you'll need to tie it to your ComputerEase system. To do that, simply fill out the form on the side. We'll contact you with a quote and all the other information you need to get the mobile Time Tracking App from ComputerEase up and running.