Remodeling and Renovation Contractors

How large are the jobs you bid? Are you bidding for residential remodeling or commercial building renovation? How much of the work do you subcontract out to specialized electrical, plumbing, or heating contractors? Are your jobs typically similar to that of the general contractor? ComputerEase construction management software offers you the flexibility to customize your system to fit the unique needs of each specific job.

Perhaps your business is currently specializing in kitchen remodeling and renovation but you want to expand into other areas. ComputerEase job driven focus allows you to set up each job with only the capabilities needed, but with the ability to expand your options as the scope of your business or job changes. "Scope creep," while often highly profitable for a company, can also be an area where money is lost if you can't track the changes throughout your system.

Maybe you've contracted for part of the job based on a firm bid, but additions are billed on a time and materials basis. Keeping track of these subtleties is simple with the ComputerEase integrated billing system. Track the costs of changes and directly invoice for the time and materials portion, or integrate it into the system and change the overall job costs to reflect a revised project cost.

What if you've bid for the renovation of 20 separate apartments or units? Can you take advantage of lot price purchasing to increase the job's profitability? Can you bid out some of the work while keeping other parts internal? With ComputerEase, you can, and you can track each phase individually to keep them on time and on budget, or to create a historical record for future bidding needs.

ComputerEase construction management software offers remodeling and renovation contractors the flexibility to make each job as simple or complex as necessary.