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ComputerEase is designed for the construction industry, giving you better financial analysis that enables you to quickly troubleshoot errors or problems. Our laser focus on construction accounting replaces the basic bookkeeping functionality with the tools to meet your clients’ specific needs including vital business statistics.

We know how challenging it can be to manage your construction clients’ accounting needs. Our CPA Partnership program is designed to strengthen the relationship between CPAs and their ComputerEase clients. Our partners receive their own copy of ComputerEase. Now, without leaving the office, you have your client’s files right at your fingertips! We also offer our partners a host of resources such as free online training seminars, newsletters, a free listing as a ComputerEase Preferred Partner and we pass along the referrals of ComputerEase Customers who are seeking a CPA. Most importantly though, we are working together with you to help build successful contractors.

Contractors have similar yet distinct needs when it comes to construction management and accounting software. We understand your clients are going to range in size from the startup companies all the way up to the large organizations. ComputerEase is a modular based solution, designed to fit contractors of any size. And now we are offering a new and exciting program to specifically help your smaller clients.

Building For Growth

Our Building For Growth program provides an accounting and job costing solution prices for your smaller construction clients. They can get in on the ground floor of the program for a low monthly fee. They would receive an accounting and job costing solution that would include WIP Reporting, AIA Billing, and a Certified Payroll Report. As your clients build their business and their needs expand, ComputerEase offers the functionality to grow with them!

ComputerEase has partnered with hundreds of CPA firms in helping them streamline their client’s job costing and accounting needs. Contact us today to learn more about our CPA Partnership Program or to schedule a 20 minute detailed demonstration of our Building For Growth program.

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