Accounts Receivable

Multiple Billing Formats

ComputerEase Construction Management Software offers a variety of flexible billing options for your business.

Billing Options include:

  • AIA Billing - Create standard G702, G703 invoices, or use customer-specific billing formats. ComputerEase makes it easy for you to prepare and send pencil copies of invoices for pre-approval before creating the final, formal billing.
  • Unit Billing - Completed Units can be entered manually or auto-fill directly from job costing to streamline the unit billing process. The unit billing information then feeds back to job costing to produce up-to-date unit billing reports.
  • T & M Billing - Time and Material invoices are the most flexible and often the most profitable, allowing you to specify the data fields you want to include. Pricing is automatically drawn from your system for T & M invoices, allowing you to bill for purchase orders even before they have been invoiced, which can greatly improve your cash flow.
  • Freeform Billing - For freeform invoices, you can simply type in a description of the billing and the percent or amount you want to bill. These invoices can also include additional information related to the job, such as prior billings and retainage.

The Receivables Center

The Receivables Center allows management to access every function of Accounts Receivable from one central location. The Accounts Receivable Center includes a number of valuable accounting reports, and it highlights the top five past due customers to help you prioritize your collections efforts.

Collection Notes

Quickly and easily add specific information such as customer contacts and payment status right to the corresponding invoices. Anyone checking the status of an invoice can access the notes to find relevant information and determine whether further action is needed.

Email Feature

The built-in email feature allows you to email completed invoices to get preliminary approval and clear up any questions before sending the formal copy. This procedure can significantly accelerate the payment process.

Track Retainage

Unbilled retainage no longer slips through the cracks when the ComputerEase retainage report tells you your exact retainage status at all times. ComputerEase integrates retainage amounts into your accounting information so that it is tracked accurately and reflects the actual amount expected from your clients.