Accounts Payable

Invoice Routing

Invoice routing allows you to set up automatic forwarding of invoices. Invoices needing special approval can be routed to the specific person – or people – whose approval is required. Invoices that do not match their purchase orders or subcontract agreements can be scanned in with Electronic Document Processing then forwarded with questions or notes for action attached.

Invoices are then updated in Accounts Payable where they can be paid or flagged as a reminder to contact the vendor for issue resolution.

ComputerEase Construction Management Software makes job costing more accurate because all invoices are entered into the system and tracked, even if approval is pending.

Reconciling Invoices

ComputerEase ties invoices you have received to their purchase orders by easily displaying the details of the PO or subcontract agreement. If the invoice reflects a charge for only a portion of the PO or subcontract agreement, the system will show partial billing. Invoice amounts that exceed their purchase order are quickly visible for resolution.

This link between the invoice and the PO or subcontract agreement ensures that revised invoices for all deliverables or services are received at the appropriate prices.

Lot Price Purchase Orders

Contractors often end up paying too much money on lot price purchase orders because they lack an adequate system to track the charges and receivables from multiple invoices against a single purchase order.

ComputerEase puts an end to overpayment by tracking everything for you. Once you receive all the materials from the order, you are able to see what the original PO amount was and how much the vendor has charged. If the vendor has overcharged, don't waste valuable time trying to reconcile invoices. Simply contact the vendor with a list of all the invoices charged against the bid and request a reconciliation that can be applied against the final invoice.

Prompt-pay Discounts

When entering a new invoice, any prompt-pay discounts can be noted. ComputerEase tracks these discounts, reporting those expiring soon and providing a tool to determine which bills to pay in order to maximize your cash flow. Timely decisions to pay certain bills before others will help increase your profits. The Discounts Report will tell you how much money you saved by taking advantage of these discounts.

Red Flag Alerts

ComputerEase’s Red Flag Alerts automatically warn you when an invoice exceeds the purchase order, subcontract, or budget amount. This helps prevent the posting of invoices to the wrong expense account, being overcharged, and going over budget.